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All Songs © David Putano

All Songs © David Putano

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SAIL - School for Autistically Impaired Learners

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Music From The Start - Audio Album: David's Basics in Education (Vol.1)
David's Basics in Education (Vol.1)

Downloadable Album: 7 Songs (.mp3 format)
Playlist: "High-5," "The Opposite Song," "Line-Up," "Days of The Week," "Colors of The Rainbow," "Count by 2s, 5s, 10s," "When Your Manners Shine"

Love music? Have fun with your child as you all sing, move, dance and learn!

David Putano, HPMT, MT-BC is a board certified music therapist and has worked with autistic children since 1992.

"A definition of music therapy that I have always focused on is: Music Therapy – using music for non-musical goals. Very simply, when I for example am playing guitar, supporting a child playing a keyboard, the goal is not to make beautiful music. The goal(s) might be to exercise fine motor coordination, or to demonstrate taking of turns, etc. If beautiful music is made that is “icing on the cake.” With this in mind I have written music that I provide in the music therapy group classes."

Original music is the vehicle for goal areas that teach and support the development of speech and language, socialization skills, fine and gross motor movement and focus on learning and skill areas for progress through elementary school. These areas include support and teaching of counting skills, learning colors, taking of turns, knowing seasons and days of the week, identifying community helpers, etc.
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