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All Songs © David Putano

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Music From The Start - Audio Album: David's Basics in Education (Vol.1)
Lyrical Imagery

Downloadable Album: 6 Songs (.mp3 format)

Playlist: "Relax & Breathe," "The Ocean," "On Top Of The Mountain," "The Snow," "Appreciate Today," "The Ocean (Instrumental)"

MFTS and David Putano's second album titled Lyrical Imagery is a collection of relaxation and stress management pieces. Because we build associations so easily, music that elicits beautiful imagery and emotions can provide an effective, anticipated experience to symbolize and assist with sleep for children and parents. Play it everynight and see how your children will quickly associate the music with bedtime.

About Lyrical Imagery... Typically relaxation music consists of instrumental music or music with nature sounds. And typical relaxation exercises such as imagery or progressive muscle relaxation consist of, again, instrumental music with (or without) nature sounds with spoken imagery or directives. "With Lyrical Imagery I use sung imagery (lyrics) that utilize right and left hemispheres of the brain. The imagery here is about the ocean, on top of the mountain, snow, etc."

See (printable) research and rationale about Lyrical Imagery in the Resource Center - MT Lyrical Imagery 1, 2 and 3.


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