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All Songs © David Putano

All Songs © David Putano

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Gift of a Song: Personalized Music for Your Loved One
David Putano, HPMT, MT-BC | email: / phone: 419.460.4814
Gift of a Song
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Since 1999, David Putano, MT-BC (music therapist-board certified), has provided specially written, personalized songs to families as they memorialize and honor their deceased loved one.

"David's gift to us, of a personalized version of his beautiful song, 'The World Should Be More Like You' was not only played at my Mom's funeral, it is often played in my car. There are no words to describe how much we appreciate and value David's work. Our family will cherish this memorial piece forever."
- Becky Fike

"When Dad passed, it brought our family immense joy to have David offer to write a song for Dad, and share it at the funeral service. The song that he wrote and shared bespoke of my Dad's love of the out of doors, and it drove home a very deep sentiment that the entire family felt—that being more like Dad was an aspiration for us all. Nothing could have been more appropriate than a song as a vehicle of reflection at Dad's funeral, and David's way of tailoring it and presenting it was truly beautiful.
Thank you, David, for being Dad's friend, and for your empathetic devotion as a music therapist, enriching his and our family's lives!
- Kimberly A. High

AND with each song, lyrics of this personalized gift will be provided as an additional keepsake for your family and friends.

For family or friends... David needs information about your loved one (4-8 things). Identify your loved ones favorite things in life... or, what you will miss most about your loved one... what did your loved one care deeply about?... what was their favorite color?...

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The World Should Be More Like You
These Memories, Make Us Feel We're Not Alone
Mysteries Of Life

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