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SAIL - School for Autistically Impaired Learners

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Music From The Start - Sound and Noise Awareness
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Presentation Summary: This research based presentation addresses the important issue of lessening and eliminating stressful sound and noise in the clinical setting. How stressful sound/noise affects health and wellness of clients and residents will be discussed as well as how stressful sound/noise affects staff and our facility. Ultimately, strategies will be discussed and suggested on how to decrease and eliminate stressful sound/noise through awareness, positive change and creativity.

INSTRUCTIONAL METHOD: Lecture with power point slides.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: At the end of this presentation individuals will be able to:
List at least three negative effects on health of stressful sound/noise
Identify at least two "easier, more common" strategies to lesson stressful sound/noise in the clinical setting
Identify at least two "less common, harder to implement" strategies to lesson stressful sound/noise in the clinical setting


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